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Undercover vs Indoor Car Storage Brisbane

Should you choose indoor car storage or under cover car storage?  Did you even know there is a difference?  Car Storage Brisbane options can include outdoor storage, under cover storage or indoor storage and while there is a big difference in those options, often the price difference is very small.

What Is Outdoor Car Storage?

Outdoor car storage usually means your car is parked in a secure gated compound, out of reach from potential thieves.  It doesn't however provide protection from the weather.  If considering an outdoor Car Storage Brisbane option you should remember that weather can include scorching, paint fading sun as well as panel destroying hail.  It can even include both on the same day!

If you have a damaged car that you wish to store while awaiting insurance appraisal, outdoor storage may be a suitable option.  If you want more protection for your investment you should consider undercover car storage or indoor car storage.

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What Is Undercover Car Storage?

Undercover storage also typically means having your car stored in a secure gated compound with the added protection of some form of sun cover.  The cover could range from shade cloth to a metal carport style roof.  This gives your car some protection from the sun and limited protection from hail.  In the case of cloth covers, they can be shredded by hail.  Carport type covers give more protection but your vehicle is still unprotected from side impact caused by wind driven objects in a storm.


What Is Indoor Car Storage?

At Car and Van Storage Brisbane we only offer indoor storage.  In this case your car (or other vehicle) is locked in a large warehouse with steel walls and roof.  The doors are locked except when vehicles are entering or exiting and the interior and exterior of the building is monitored 24/7 which infrared cameras.  You car is protected from potential thieves as well as severe weather events.

Indoor Car Storage is clearly the best car storage Brisbane option if you want maximum protection for your vehicle.  It is also surprizingly affordable and at Car and Van Storage Brisbane can actually be cheaper than under cover storage options.

Indoor Car Storage Brisbane is clearly the most secure car storage option.  What surprises many people is that our rates for indoor car storage are often less than others charge for less secure undercover storage.


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