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Terms and Conditions (summary)

    1. Storage is charged pro-rata for the first month and then monthly thereafter.
    2. If removing the item and not ending their storage account, account holder must continue to pay for storage to reserve their space.
    3. All accounts after the first month are for a full month and no refunds given if ending their storage part way through a month.
    4. All accounts holders must provide credit card details at the commencement of their storage booking - once their second month's invoice issues they will have a choice to then choose to continue on with credit card payments or to go to a direct debit facility - gocardless - link is sent on their second invoice if they do not choose to use gocardless, their credit cards will continue to be debit each month.
    5. Vehicles will be measured upon checkin and confirmation given to the accounts department of the length of your item to ensure that you are not being over or under charged.
    6. The minimum billable storage period is one calendar month unless other arrangements have been made.
    7. The Storer occupies the premises at its own risk.
    8. The Owner shall not be responsible under any circumstances whatsoever in the event that the Storer’s goods are damaged from any event whatsoever.  
    9. The Storer hereby indemnifies and agrees to keep the Owner indemnified in relation to any claims that may be made against the Owner for any reason whatsoever including any negligent act or omission by the Owner in the event of any claim in relation to the Storer’s goods or use of the storage area.
    10. Vehicles must be insured to the owner of the vehicle while in storage.
    11. The facility is for storage only and servicing or restoration of vehicles is not permitted on site.
    12. Gas tanks on boats and caravans must be switched off whilst in storage.
    13. No chemicals or gases other than in the vehicles normal fuel tank are to be stored with any vehicle.
    14. Management reserve the right to refuse storage of any vehicle that they consider may be a safety or environmental hazard.

For full terms and conditions of storage please download here

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